iphone5s-Mobile applications on the new iOS 7.1  platform is much less than in previous versions of the operating system Apple ‘s sixth and seventh generations. This is reported by Crittercism analysts, who analyzed the stability of  “Apple”  OS.

Application on iOS 7.1 demonstrated failures in 1.6 % of cases, while the programs for previous versions – an average of about 2%. For example, on iOS 7.0.4 application failures occur with a probability of 2.1% , experts say. The study was conducted on hundreds of millions of games and launch programs from App Store.

In Crittercism believe that the reason more stable work programs on iOS 7.1 associated with the optimization of the operating system . Apple has had a few months to test software compatibility with iOS 7.1, which is operated iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The current version of the OS was in development since November last year.

The final version of the update of its mobile operating system iOS 7.1 Apple introduced on March 10. Any user of the iPhone 4 or newer model phone , iPod touch 5G, as well as the iPad 2 or newer model tablet (including iPad mini) can upgrade to the new OS right now .

Despite all the limitations associated with the lack of jailbreak for two days , according to analysts , on iOS 7.1 crossed 12 % of users , and six days after the launch of iOS 7.1 has become the most popular version of the OS.

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