iOS 7 and Windows Phone 7, 8: a suspicious similarities


ios-windows-similarityOfficially announced on Monday for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, the iOS 7 beta 1 firmware is largely composed of elements borrowed from other operating systems and third-party applications.

To clarify,  a standard e-mail client included with iOS 7, looks like a popular Mailbox app, specially its control through gestures. Another office applications – calendar – now more. Design elements, as well as ways to manage this program looks the same as in the popular Sunrise UI.

The WebOS mobile system also share a multitasking similarity with iOS 7: it is now displayed list of screenshots of each application made at the time of folding. Select the required program carried out by the horizontal scrolling screens. Finally, it is argued that the designers in Cupertino did not hesitate to copy the general appearance and interface elements in Windows Phone 8 – mobile operating system from Microsoft.


There’s a video which demonstrates the resemblance between  iOS 7 and Home windows Telephone 7, eight. The similarity in cellular systems in point of fact traced. On some slides, it’s troublesome to keep in mind the place’s running machine.

Evaluating interfaces iOS and Home windows Telephone 7, eight:

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