iOS 7 concept to feature a clean aliminiun flat intrerface[video]


ios-7-lock-screen-conceptIn a month, Apple will unveiled the new operating system iOS 7. One of the most anticipated innovations in “seven” is an updated user interface, which should be more “flat” than in previous systems.

German designer Christian Lew has developed the concept of the external appearance of iOS 7, which he described as “light” and “inspired aluminum.” It is known that the interface feature of iOS 6, as in many respects, and its predecessors, are “bulk” icons and elements of the UI. The artist changed the graphic design of the platform iOS, abandoning the shadows, graphics, textures and 3D-elements. Lew has shown his work in the video.

Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive is going to make the interface iOS 7 is more “flat”, to deprive the visual icons “shine”, and delete elements of the program cover, reminiscent of real-world objects. However, a number of iPhone and iPad iOS appreciate the design because of these characteristics. For such interface supported and the former head of iOS development, Scott Forstall, who left Apple in October 2012. In turn, the opinion Quince appreciates Apple CEO Tim Cook. “Johnny, who, in my opinion, has the best taste in the world and the best design talent, is now responsible for the user interface” – recalled Cook in a recent interview.

As expected, iOS 7 will be announced at WWDC 2013, in an effort to be held from June 10 to 14 …

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