iOS 7 Concept video of ‘Quick Settings’



Just yesterday, André Luis Moreira introduced the concept of redesign sophisticated iOS applications, and TheVerge offers radically a changed approach to the system settings and programs. With it not only in words, but also extremely effective video that makes it a viable concept. The designer says that the Android interface is not inspired


Undergone a thorough reworking multitasking bar, partly changes affected the lock screen iOS. Instead extremely scarce functional volume slider and playback control panel (with a screen lock button coup), the creator of the concept suggests implementing customizable screen. And it can cause not only from the application or the home screen, but with the lock screen – just swipe your finger across the screen from the edge of the bottom up.


Banal focus on one screen buttons to control the player and main settings hardly be surprising (all of which we have already seen competitors). But the new system is going on. So, smart panel shows not only the part of the switch, but also fast settings related to the currently open application. Also, you can not just turn on / off some option, but to a more deep customization. Naturally, the list of available applications on this screen, as well as their placement is configurable.


Cared ALManimation (bow to him for his work) and the pleasant things, capable of good ideas to make the classroom. The transition to the Settings window accompanies so loved by many animation spinning gears. More moving parts, see if you want to customize a the window. In addition, the creator won a comfortable, but not too popular option shaking device. The available and on the “Undo set” and “Redial” Add button “Quick Settings”.



Finally mention date is not for everyone, but it is an important aspect – safety. In concept interface iOS 7 harmony with password entry screen, and the video shows how and when it will prevent access to the device. Looks convincing.


Best now not somewhat clear for me innovation is the whole display (fortunately not obligatory) view the appliance. If the panel is open, it turns into clear no longer most effective the labels of working packages, but additionally huge preview of their home windows. It appears to be like gorgeous, however sensible utility on this resolution just a little bit. I would like to supply for the concept that of 6-eight tile visible thumbnails. However this, in fact, a subject of style.

A conceptual design of iOS 7 ALManimation done in an effort to optimally match into the display iPhone. Bizarre sensation – unquestionably attempt to run the video from the cellphone in full reveal mode.

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