Android options built-in in iOS 7



Apple added many new and useful features in the iOS 7, but some of them, to be honest, have long been available to users on  Android operating system.

What is about Apple’s Parallax that is different from a Live Wallpaper?

Although parallax is associated to “Live Wallpaper”, its not exactly the same. In iOS7 design.  the user interface”UI” when you move the iPhone, not only the “wallpaper” moves but other elements on the “Home screen” move subtly giving the impression that your mobile phone has 3D effect without three-dimensional screen. Although this effect is not available at the time for all areas of iOS 7,  it would be interesting to see if Apple makes available to developers so that they could use in their applications or games somehow inter-act with iOS 7 interface.

Control Center



This part of the system is a control panel with a number of circuit breakers and opens upward swipe gesture. Notification Center in Android appears similar gesture, but on top, while filling the Control Center in iOS 7 resembles the section “hostile” operating system. It provides access to switches Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, the screen rotation lock, as well as music playback controls. In addition, there are shortcuts for frequently used applications: Torch, Camera, etc. Almost all of this is in the Notification Center in Android.

Lock Screen Design


Multitasking Previews


Deliberately or not, in Cupertino borrowed and this element of the Android operating system. A full copy can not be called – thumbnails of running applications in iOS 7 scrolled horizontally, whereas on Google to do it vertically. This problem equally close – svayp side or upwards.

Automatic updates


Automatic updates of applications from Google Play has long been there for Android. Regular store automatically updates the software installed in the background and informs via alerts in Notification Center. You do not have to worry about getting all the programs were current version – the system does it for you.

iCloud Keychain


ICloud Keychain function synchronizes saved in Safari logins and passwords automatically across all your devices, be it Mac, iPad or iPhone. Now you do not need to be afraid of losing or forgetting a password. The same goes for Android makes the browser Google Chrome.

Safari Tabs


Apple has changed many of the standard applications in iOS, including a standard Web browser. Now, open a web page in Safari presented as tabs – in a similar way that makes Google Chrome.

Want to have Parallax effect on your Android phone?

Here I leave the link of the application  3D Image Live Wallpaper  which replicates very well the effect on Android.

Live Wallpaper 3D Image

Here other options in the Google Play Store

Parallax WallPapers

I hope I have clarified their doubts as to the difference between a “Live Wallpaper” on Android and “Parallax” on iOS7.

To see some examples of effects of “Parallax” here are some links to internet pages that use it in their interface in interesting ways.

I hope you enjoy it.  (iOS7 any resemblance is purely coincidental)

And if for some strange reason you want to experience on your Android iOS7 or at least something quite similar visually you can download this “Theme” iOS7 works for the main “Launchers” Android (Nova, GoLauncher, Apex etc …).

iOS7 GoLauncher Theme

iOS7 Fantasy Live Wallpaper  (This Reside Wallpaper is extra devoted to the design of iOS7)

As at all times thanks for traveling ihelplounge and hope this knowledge might be useful.

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