iOS 7 icons vs iOS 6 Comparison [infographics]


Apple modified icons within the information iOS 7 interface, which are significantly revamped, relatively speaking, more “flat” , looking different  in the new design. According to our survey, 50% of respondents positively assess the iOS 7 interface. At the same time, one in three believes that the visual innovations are appropriate and will have to get used to them, while 20% of users at all sure that Apple has spoiled the program shell for the iPhone and iPad.

The first thing that catches the eye when running on iOS 7 devices – new wallpaper, application icons and fonts. Twitter user @pawsupforu created an infographic that allows  to evaluate the changes that took place with iOS icons. In the illustration, you can see that the “brilliant” phone icon, Music, Messages, Mail, lost their luster, and others.

Apple said in a press release calls the iOS 7 – “the most significant upgrade iOS since the launch of the first iPhone».

The first test build of the new mobile platform came on June 10, and the final version will be available this fall. iOS 7 can be installed on smartphones starting with the iPhone 4, the plates, starting with the iPad 2 and the iPad mini, as well as the iPod touch 5G.


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