The major release of iOS update  occur once a year. At the dawn of a mobile platform, Apple has deployed part of Mac OS X developers to fine-tuning the program cover for the iPhone. Apparently, it had to do and now, on the eve of the release of iOS 7, which are big changes in the software interface.

On Tuesday, the blog Daring Fireball John Gruber appeared inside information about iOS 7. According to sources in the company relied upon a journalist working on a new operating system comes with a lag, so management decided to redeploy forces Apple programmers, was sent to work with iOS 7 engineers involved in the project OS X 10.9. This, in turn, could slow the development of a new desktop OS.


“What I’ve heard: iOS 7 is running behind, and engineers have been pulled from OS X 10.9 to work on it. (Let me know if you’ve heard this song before.

Relating to Ive: Phrase on the road is that iOS engineers with lift privileges all have some form of polarizing filter on their iPhone shows, such that it very much decreases viewing angles, for that reason making it tough for observers to peer the it sounds as if quite important device-large UI overhaul.”- says Gruber.


In keeping with the browser, ending iOS 7 is available in secrecy. Check smartphones staff entrusted with trying out the device, outfitted with different filters, narrowing the viewing perspective. That is performed, after all, to the uninitiated might now not in finding out what it looks as if OS, in advance of time.

Additionally validated the belief that the influence on the iOS has Jonathan Ive answerable for creating a cellular platform as an alternative of Scott Forstalla. In line with the weblog editor iMore, chief fashion designer of Apple eliminates skevomorfizma – textures of actual objects, which might be so fond Forstall. As referred to by using Rene Ritchie, is a pleasure, and a few designers are very saddened by way of others.

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