iOS 7 Lock Screen Style Screensaver For Mac OS X


Radically new design iOS 7 did not leave anyone indifferent , taken separately talents even seriously thinking to move some elements of the interface to the operating system OS X. So there was an application “iOS 7 lockscreen”.

iOS 7 Lock Screen Style Screensaver For Mac OS X

The new development which is inspired by  on Andrew Ambrosino’s iOS 7 look to OS X 11,  will be interesting to the one that like  the style interface Apple proposed in iOS 7. If you want your computer software shell design resembled the new Apple operating system, you can use a free application . Move some features of “Seven” on OS X failed designer Christian Hedensu .

The basis for the concept took Hedens OS X 11 from Andrew Ambrosini . His new screen saver allows you to get a Mac -style , is almost identical to iOS 7. Background image , the arrangement of icons , fonts , animation – it’s all available in the new Splash Screen “iOS 7 lockscreen”.

Setting the screensaver follows. You need to open the downloaded DMG- image and move inside file folders “iOS 7 lockscreen by bodysoulspirit.qtz” label on Screen Savers alias. Then enter the administrator password . Now in the system settings in the ” Desktop & Screen Saver ” will be a new screen saver iOS 7 Lock screen.

Download new screensaver for OS X inspired iOS 7 Style here.

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