iOS 7 Brand Demonstrated by using WWDC 2013 Banners at Moscone Heart


ios7 banner

The WWDC 2013 is schedule to take place every year, the posters announcing the event outside the Moscone center in San Francisco give obvious clues of what should be expected during the Apple keynote.

In this case it is, as you would expect from iOS in July, that’s what you see in the pictures you have shared on MacStories.

Looks like we can finally see what has been able Jony Ive, and know if truly represents a revolution or just a major system changes, but the transition to a completely different one.

For now, the logo design, we see a substantial change, it’s just a number 7 stroke very clean and without any ornament that could represent the much-discussed escape to go towards a simpler design and clean.


On Monday June 10, when about 10:00 PST wi , the convention of the World Large Builders will preliminary begin, the entire rumors can be  put to leisure

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