iOS-7-iPhone-iPad-iPod-touch Yesterday Bloomberg reported that improvements to the iOS 7 could delay the release, a few hours later, the news was refuted by “Apple spokeswoman to ‘Wall Street Journal that the iOS 7 is still on track, thanks to the efforts of the OS X team.

Apple is following the same approach as in 2007 , when developers of the OS X team were transferred to the iPhone team to be able to deliver on time. “Yes, yes – it’s Essentially a repeat of the iPhone / Leopard scenario,” said a source told WSJ blog AllThingsD. “It will ship on time.” Apple insider blog, The Loop had only one word needed to confirm the information from WSJ and experienced Apple watchers understand lots: the possibilities are that iOS 7 just isn’t delayed.

It occurs relatively continuously that Apple merchandise over but come earlier than the authentic announcement in rumors, as a result of surprising deceleration would have passed off. It has change into an ordinary characteristic within the Apple Hype Cycle ‘in instruction for a brand new product. In the meantime, many individuals do imagine that getting a unique look iOS 7, whereby much less life like parts will probably be seen.

Led via Jonathan Ive, who considering October 2012 has been accountable for the looks of iOS, could be engaged on a more practical look with flat design. Former Apple staff talk of a most preferred “deForstallization”. In different phrases: the influences of former iOS boss Scott Forstall must appear to be. Forstall was once keen on practical components.

iOS has now not modified given that 2007, ensuring design components now have transform dated.In the meantime, different cellular running methods like BlackBerry and the cell model of Home windows to endure a metamorphosis. Personnel, consistent with the WSJ about working for a preview of iOS 7 to be prepared for WWDC 2013 June. As well as, staff of OS X 10.9 on.

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