iOS 7 Theme Style is the most popular on Android phones


iOS 7 Theme Style is the most popular on Android phonesAfter the release of  Evasi0n7 jailbreak tool,  many were quick to hack iOS 7  and use Winterboard cydia utility- a package that allows to change the design of the interface. Operation is not available on smartphones and tablets with Apple mobile platform.

Design seventh edition of iOS really has become the most controversial change in the mobile platform software, so the demand for jailbreak package Winterboard increased. iOS 7 is distinguished from its predecessor updated icons without gloss , no ” fake” volume and texture , thin fonts , the system as a whole to get fresh and more vibrant than before. Many users of the iPhone and iPad are unhappy .

However, despite the criticism of the interface , especially among owners of iOS 6 devices , many of those who like iOS 7 theme. Proof of this can serve as a popular application statistics Themer – analogue Winterboard for Android. Most downloaded package for visual transformation was the iOS 7 theme style. Users, as it turned out , want to get something like this on their Android phones.

Theme , scored the highest number of downloads per Theme, simulates on your Android home screen and some standard iOS 7 apps. Icons , matte docking panel , wallpaper – all relevant program shell Apple. For a complete resemblance to the seven top row is added to the signal level , battery and clock.

In other words, despite the criticism of the new design of Apple, especially among the owners of the iPhone and iPad, many of those who do not have “apple” devices tend to get on their smartphones and tablets something even remotely have iOS 7 style.

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