iOS 7: What features should we expect?



With the first  iOS 7 beta around th corner, we mapped some new features that may be incorporated into the next major Apple iOS firmware update.
It is in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that Apple should submit, against all odds, the first beta version of iOS 7th. Although this presentation is not as important, from a media that regards the presentation of a new iPhone, the U.S. firm and clearly expected to turn. At issue: the lack of news in the current version of iOS 6. In fact, many users of iOS device to complain that it is not always possible to customize the OS to perfection, not being able to take advantage of widgets and features that are already present and yet highly valued in competition for quite some time.

In 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone with the first version of iOS. Both products clearly changed the face of mobile forever. Revolution, in short. In recent years, iOS has begun to make on-site. It’s a bit like eating his favorite dish every day or listen to the same song all day. It’s great strength but it gets tired.

In recent years, some people have started to complain and look towards competition, especially on the side of Android smartphones truly in full swing in terms of innovations.

It is known that the iPhone are known for their excellent “hardware” components and their strength generally leave the competitors far behind. The only weak point to be noted is the OS that gets boring and static. Apple can not live forever with the same OS and features the first day or so, the Cupertino company has an interest in venturing to change …

Pending the WWDC in June, we allow a few moments to dream about the future major update of iOS. What does the next version? Difficult to get an idea now given the limited information that circulates about it. And yet, iOS, seventh of the name, may bring a lot of changes or new features. Starting first by its interface could significantly change compared to previous version. Indeed, recall that this is now Jonathan Ive, head of design at Apple, which is now in control of the iOS interface. Against all odds, it should now enjoy having the cards to make a version of iOS that opens the way to change …

What features to Expect  from iOS 7?   A list of expectations for long but finally revealed iOS far from being completed.

Most wishes in this list have their equivalent in Cydia “tweak”. Only downside, however, most solutions are often the hack and are not always in line with the general tone of the iOS interface. Why our improved iPhone is it essential to go through hacks enthusiasts, none professional developers integrations? Why is it necessary to risk the stability of the device and its guarantee to customize their iDevice? Apple would not it be nice to listen to the demands of millions of users who have resorted to jailbreak?

This list includes many improvements and hopes, but left to dream, dream big and in color:

The end of the jailbreak? Possibly …

As we already discussed in this article, planetbeing, a hacker behind the jailbreak escape, stated his doubts when the unsealing iOS 7.

“Apple has successfully locked many attack vectors in iOS 6.1. In this jailbreak we bypassed those locks through several vulnerabilities. “Planetbeing explained. “I might even characterize these vulnerabilities” beasts “because it is always more or less the same since the first releases of iOS. We only attacked the big Apple in the security kernel. “Beasts” faults are difficult to find, which is why the next jailbreak will be more difficult. , “He says.

Moreover, based on historical releases, the website Cult Of Mac estimated that the jailbreak community should take approximately six months to drill the new iOS. There is always a possibility that Apple lets a gaping hole but with each update, the OS is better protected.

It is unlikely that the jailbreak will stop one day, however, fans may soon lose their footing … Leaving it up to the “professionals” unlock OS.

We therefore expect a long and perhaps fruitless wait for the next jailbreak …

If the jailbreak is impossible, many consumers are loyal to Apple could turn your back. Apple has any interest in offering many improvements to its iOS 7, history of integrating some features and tweaks for jailbroken devices, but natively.

While all other manufacturers and offer cheerfully OS widgets, Apple has decided to carry out the policy of the ostrich. Still no shortcut to so. In a system where it is necessary to go into the settings in the General tab, and activate cellular data and 3G separately (all for use Data), the widgets could lend a freshness significant . If solutions exist at tweaks (NC Settings, SB settings, Auxo …), no native functionality is offered.

The reputation of the iOS is largely based on its strength, its intuitiveness and ease of use: a clean and simple interface that makes the happiness of the greatest number. Apple could he not simply integrate widgets in your graphic and general system? This would facilitate enormously life.

Imagine widgets for wifi, 3G, camera flash, VPN, Bluetooth and Airplane mode … all on the Springboard or even better, in the center of notifications!

Hell, what does this function have spilled ink and worn keyboards. While rivals iOS allow almost infinite customization, Apple strives to offer only one view of its OS, hers. How many users complain of not having a choice? A notification center a different color, custom icons, the placement of different apps on the Springboard …

The only solution that consumers have at their disposal is the Winterboard tweak for jailbroken devices. This hack allows you to apply themes to his iBidule to change its look completely and simply. The only problem is that hunting is extremely tedious themes, Cydia is not a model of clarity and order …

Why not propose themes of the box? Same pay, they should meet a runaway success. One of the main attractions of a smartphone is the ability to put his image. Pleased to tweak and change graphic elements is an activity that is the most time consuming. Boredom provided by iOS is largely due to the fact of seeing the same design year after year …

What about records? The limit of 12 applications per folder is properly connected. Who has never had to create a new folder for 2 applications, which have perfectly had their place in another folder? What is the usefulness of such limits?

If Apple gave the possibility to personalize their device, to make a single, different from all others. The critics of this desire, it is good to know that customize the device is not an obligation, but a freedom welcome and almost necessary nowadays.

Better management of multi-task

The multi-task essential component of any current smartphone is underrepresented on iOS. Although present, it offers too few features and is as minimal. When talented people take the time to propose new ideas, Apple could make efforts on his side. In this article, we introduced also the concept of multi-tasking innovative designer.

Indeed, it has created a complete overhaul of the management system of multitasking in iOS. It starts at the bottom of the screen, divides it into two parts and displays in the center column containing the applications running in the background, as well as other features such as Wi-Fi management, 3G, Bluetooth, etc … Then just click on the icons to switch applications or functionalities with each other.

Relatively simple to implement, such an improvement could only be beneficial from the Apple firmware.

A completely redesigned lockscreen


While the iOS lockscreen has not changed for years, yet several proposals circulating on the Web, including one that particularly caught our eye. The slider to unlock the device becomes a circle in the middle of the screen, widgets are displayed clearly and the main features are apparent. A condensed amount of ingenuity. It should be relatively easy for Apple to integrate this type of lockscreen. This change would be a significant gain for Apple as consumers.

If such a concept is too full for the minimalist Apple affectionate, other solutions are available to Apple: facial recognition biometric sensor “Home” button, diagrams …. Assuming that one of these solutions to be viable, some additions information could also prove beneficial. Fingers crossed …

Different operating modes
Research In Motion (BlackBerry become recently) had launched a handy technology: the BlackBerry Balance, which gave the opportunity for users to switch easily between the way “work” mode and “private.” Each mode offers its own applications, emails, features, …

Apple could incorporate similar functionality by adding a shortcut on his single Springboard. A lot of people own an iPhone for their work and also use it in their personal lives. Switcher could make life easier by clearly identifying what options the user needs according to their activities.

Better management of emails
Even if the Mail application based Apple fulfills its role, intensive users will not have failed to notice some glaring deficiencies, including failure to mark read messages in different colors. While many third-party applications offer more features than Mail, the Out Now, we have chosen MailBox, which fills our needs. A native application when a high-level iOS?

Automatic applications updates 
Applications are updated very rapidly and in most cases once or twice a week. Sometimes it is painful to have to make these updates, in addition, it can cause concerns among users. Some have made the update, others not, sometimes causing compatibility problems.

Could we not imagine an option to choose whether the automatic update of applications? This method could solve a lot of issues and propose WiFi-Only to avoid shocks to the mobile bill could be even wiser.

Possibility of default applications
After the disaster of the iOS application Maps, Apple apologized and had recommended that users use the service to rival Google Maps.

Since Apple can not control the monopoly of applications, some of which are often better than the native, the Cupertino company should allow consumers to select the default application to use.

Able to Maps as system default maps or even Chrome instead of Safari, should be an option for the average user. If native applications are not level, why force people to use them? One should always have a choice.

Uninstall native applications
Although certain functions and applications are necessary to iOS to function properly, what interest have the Mail application Safari or Chrome while MailBox and are used for example?

A lot of people have a folder named “Apple” with native applications unnecessary stored inside. To be honest, some users like native applications, but is it really too much to ask to have an option in settings to hide or to uninstall unused apps? Compass, stocks, voice memos, passbook, …. All these apps are impossible to remove. Again, the choice should be allowed.

On the sidelines of the possibility of getting rid of unnecessary native applications, many users would be able to uninstall several apps at the same time. Is not it tedious to delete one by one the apps that you do not want to keep? Such basic functionality should be allowed long.

Maps available offline
Although the maps from Google Maps or Plans are very practical, 3G is not free. But when the user really needs to navigate, ie in another country for example, the data roaming bill might be terribly salty.

So why not offer consumers the ability to download over Wi-Fi and cache card chosen in advance? This would also avoid a lot of trouble and make the most judicious use of the cards.

App Store Demos 
Some applications and games from the App Store have to be pretty cheap, most users are afraid to spend without knowing whether the app will be to their liking. Developers must compensate for this hesitancy to purchase grinds premium or lite versions unrepresentative.

Could we not ask for a system of “demos”? 24 hours after the first launch of the application, request an invitation to pay to continue using the app or uninstall it then. A system that would suit everyone.

 Update Siri

Then it should be possible to have hundreds of different voices, Siri does not change. In the USA, a woman you meet a robotic monotone. It should be possible to choose the voice, like the voice of Yoda or another … One detail that is important!

In recent years Apple has made great efforts to enable the user to move away a little monster that is iTunes. Nevertheless, it can still be difficult to transfer photos and music on their iDevice without iTunes, and it should not be the case.

Let users make their choice and iTunes offer as a solution and not as an obligation make life easier for many users.

The Swype


Since 2007, we can not say that the iOS keyboard have undergone profound changes. Android has proved that we could do interesting things with keyboards: technology “Swype”, which allows to write the words easily by dragging the finger over the letters, met with excitement record. Could you imagine a compelling alternative to Apple?

Successfully implemented in many Android devices, Swype technology might interest many users iOS. Without copying Swype technology, Cupertino could introduce other improvements to its keyboard, but functional accusing her age.

Use iMessage / SMS without leaving the screen
Do not you find it annoying having to leave the current application to reply to a message? A pop-up is available in embedded third party applications on Cydia email. But we would like to see this feature integrated natively in Messages … Not only that but it would save time to take action directly after business previously.

A Task Killer for iOS
In the late Steve Jobs, the implementation of a Task Killer in iOS was a sign of failure. Indeed, this feature to close all apps running in the background to free memory RAM, would mean that the unit does not know it automatically. The device would have been bad.

All this is fine but it prevents the RAM is sometimes difficult and that they would be able to “kill all” all apps manually. Faster and more reliable, this system is available via Cydia. Without losing his dignity, integration would make the difference for more experienced users.

Save files from the browser
We would be able to save files from the web and be able to use later. This feature should depend ultimately very basic two things: a download option in the browser of your choice and a file manager. Two very simple, present everywhere except in iOS.

Apple may invoke reasons of safety and preservation of the stability of the system, but if it were as infallible as Apple likes to pretend that it should be easy to improve the situation. If users do not see lambda drawbacks to the current situation, the fans eagerly await such an opportunity arises.

An application to control Data consumption
Apple made an application in controlling cellular data consumption may be more than an asset. So that Android already offers its view consumption data on a daily basis and put a limit to it, iOS users who do not wish to jailbreak their precious continue to be forced to fend for otherwise see. A consultation when an easy and well integrated functionality heavily used today?

Option to cancel sending a m message
What’s more frustrating than respond quickly and carelessly send a bad message to the recipient? This mistake can literally poison you there. An option to quickly cancel the sending of a message could save many lives, jobs and couples at the same time.

Joking aside, if basic option could be useful for a long time.

The Design
Following the recent change of management of Apple’s Jony Ive, vice present in charge of the design which now has in his hands the consistency of interfaces iOS and OS X. The famous designer is known not to be prone to design (a virtual object give the appearance of a real object). A concept that was Forstall yet ultra defended and probably Steve Jobs in his time.

In the next update of iOS, namely the seventh Jony Ive could therefore already made a lot of significant changes.  This may not happen if Apple intends to continue its policy towards static novelty. A force not move, the company may get bogged down … A design change would be welcome after so many years!


Whereas Apple likes to cover at the back of its OS picture easy, intuitive and general classification, it however options many very simple and lengthy adopted via the competitors are nonetheless lacking our favourite OS. What Apple does he concern? The novelty is to take a possibility, however the possibility is measured right here: if everybody else is ready to put in force these choices efficiently. This picture of society shy does no longer stick a lot to us that Apple used to launch revolutionary merchandise and even innovative.

Not directly, if we don’t wish to see transform a iOS clone Android, Apple might as a minimum draw on ideas and applied sciences of rivals.

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