iOS 8.1.3 to be available probably in a few days



Apple might release next Tuesday or Wednesday an iOS update, according to BGR from its own sources. From Macrumors,  iOS 8.1.3 release could also be explained .

BGR itself has no information on whether it is a public or a beta version for developers during the upgrade. Because much more iPhones and iPads with iOS 8.3.1 accessed in the past few days on Macrumors, suspects the website that a release of version could be imminent. Minor updates of this type are typically free Apple without prior beta for developers.

On Wednesday, Apple iOS 8.1.3 was apparently distributed to selected Apple Store employees. They made it in the days of “hundreds” visits with the new software. In December there were only “dozens” have been written by Macrumors. For the first time retail employees have thus obtained a preliminary iOS version for testing purposes. Previously this was only true for the desktop system OS X. The new iOS firmware will bring only minor fixes.

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