iOS 8.1 Beta 2 log shows evidence of HD Retina displays for iPad



Beta version logs often show evidence of new devices that have yet to see the light. That is enough to recall references in iMac OS X Yosemite code with Retina display . But today we will focus on the beta version of iOS 8.1 beta 2 and found evidence showing a new HD retina display for the iPad to be released.

With the advent of Retina display on mobile devices, Apple has introduced such a thing as a scaling factor. For Retina it equaled the value of 2x – that is, all the elements in a lower resolution drawn in double precision using the software, not adapted for high resolution display. The advent of iPhone 6 Plus and Retina HD display led Apple to add a new scaling factor – 3. Not without some trickery on the part of the American company, but that’s another story.

In the tablet Apple has used conventional displays (iPad, iPad 2 and iPad mini), as well as displays Retina (iPad 3, iPad 4, iPAd Air and iPad mini display Retina). Respectively, were required only interface elements with a resolution greater than 2x. However, in the latest beta version of iOS 8.1 were found new elements supporting higher resolution and, as a consequence, a scaling factor of 3.


What does this mean for us? Exactly two main options. Firstly, Apple may already be on October 16 to show the new iPad Air with a larger display resolution and greater pixel density. On such a device was not even a rumor, so the probability of this particular scenario is not very large. Secondly, it may be blank interface elements for 12.9-inch iPad Pro. About the device does not stop talking and it may very well be that the development of a tablet is at the stage where Apple can afford to include elements of the interface for it in beta iOS, available to a wide range of users.

So, we wait for the announcement on October 16 tablet with a display Retina HD. But what exactly it will be iPad, time will tell and the coming presentation.

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