After all the new products announced last night following the release of iOS 8.3, it is now a question of the jailbreak. MuscleNerd said that Apple had with this new iOS provided 39 security patches, some patches include useful tool Jailbreak Taïg.

These patches are labeled as CVE-2015-1087 and reference were revealed by Team Taïg. It describes a backup bug that allows hackers to use the backup system to access restricted areas of the file system.

Here’s what Apple Note: a complete overview of the Report 8.3 exploit, as shown in iOS Apple Security:


While this is bad news for some, so do not worry. Taïg had recently organized a conference on the jailbreak hackers were known where several of the game. In addition, the Team Pangu said in an open letter that she continued her work for other iOS flaws.

Specifically, there is no release date of an upcoming jailbreak iOS 8.3. It is not excluded that the guys working in underwater and then surprise everyone with a compatible jailbreak tool. We return to the subject in due time.

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