User without Touch ID are familiar with the fact of having to enter the Apple ID password whenever you  want to easily download an app. With iOS 8.3 you can specify how often the user will have to enter the password.

A reader from 9to5Mac has become aware that the iOS 8.3 has a new option in the settings to the iTunes Store and App Store: “Password settings”.

Here you can specify whether the system asks for the password every time when the user downloads something from the store – or only at intervals of 15 minutes. So who often several apps invites one behind the other, may determine as the need to enter the password once. Such an attitude already existed in previous versions of iOS, but in the “Restrictions”. Another option is, however, completely new: For free content you can specify that the system no longer asks for a password.

iOS 8.3 is currently still in a beta phase. Whoever wants to can try out the beta version in the public beta testing. In the beta version allows the option to download free downloads always without a password, do not activate; in the full version is likely to change that.

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