iOS 8 adds support for Wi-Fi Calling technology



Apple introduced the iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite, as well as Healthkit fitness platform ,  HomeKit smart-house and a new programming language Swift. Among the most interesting new features of iOS 8 firmware is the support of Wi-Fi Calling technology, which allows you make and receive voice calls and SMS over Wi-Fi- connection.

What are the benefits given to  carriers with Wi-Fi- calls? Rate positive feature of this technology where smartphones have a poor signal reception, like in offices, homes and other buildings that block radio signals. Wi-Fi Calling solves this problem.

In addition , Wi-Fi- calls allow to significantly reduce the cost of voice communications , reducing the number of minutes used and sent SMS- messages. When you are in range of a wireless network using voice calls become free,carriers receive data via the Internet. The advantage is not so significant for the mobile subscribers since most people are on unlimited data plans . So far, few carriers offer the Wi-Fi Calling service,  T-Mobile, Sprint and Rogers.

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