adoption-by-device -adoption

adoption-by-device -adoption

A day after the release of the new Apple iOS 8 firmware called the most advanced and the most anticipated, the network appeared on the number switched to “her side” of users. Strange, but the speed of updating to iOS 8 was not as active as that of its predecessors.


As of yesterday, about 84% of the owners of the iPhone and iPad using the iOS 7 or iOS 7.1. While 44.6% of iPod Touch users are still on the classic iOS 6.


With regard to each devices,  specifically, the amount of the updated iPod Touch was significantly higher than the rest of the product line Apple. On account of 7.65% in the first 24 hours. Updated to iPhone firmware eighth bit less – only 6.60%. The plates are in third place, only 3.96% of their respective owners dare to update.

If you display the distribution of the updates of the countries, in the first place was completely unpredictable South Korea with 14.22%. In second we found the USA, which has an update ration of 9.37%. The third – the United Kingdom with 8.54%.

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