iOS 8 are still in their particular race for hoarding users, growing slowly but surely stealing pace and increasingly share to iOS 7. 3% of users with earlier versions of the system is still maintained unchanged, either because they can not upgrade or prefer stay in that situation before the performance of your device is affected.

According to the latest figure released by Apple in downtown developers, iOS 8 is already installed on 75% of devices that connect to the App Store. Here you can see the evolution of the system since its launch last September:


September 21: iOS 8 was installed in 46% of devices.
October 16: its share increases to 48%.
November 10: the adoption rate is 56%.
November 24: a use fee of 60% is reached.
December 8: The system is already installed in 63% of iOS devices.
December 22: the adoption rate increases to 64%.
January 5: 68% of iOS devices already uses 8
January 19: iOS 8 is present in 69% of devices
February 2: iOS 8 is already installed on 72% of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch accessing the App Store.
February 16: 8 iOS rate rises by 1% to grow to 73%
March 2: 8 iOS share rises to stand at 75%

ios8-adoptionAs in the past, we have come to Mixpanel to compare data from Apple with its own statistics and see very similar data. Today, iOS 8 has a presence of 76.82% followed by iOS 7 with a 20.82% and, finally, earlier versions of the system with 2.36%.

Surely, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 imply the last important for users that they are still thinking, give the final leap and update their devices push.

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