iOS 8 causes problems with Bluetooth connectivity in cars



Users running iOS 8 on their devices encountered another fairly serious problem with the Apple mobile operating system. Many users reported that they failed to pair the iPhone with iOS 8 Bluetooth system in the car, writes MacRumors.

The problem relates to new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and older iOS devices installed 8 or iOS 8.0.2. Specifically, for example, the device is unable to connect with on-board systems in the vehicle, not play music via Bluetooth or disconnects the ongoing call. This applies to automakers Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota, Ford, Jeep, VW and several others. Problems is not just cars but also headphones, speakers and other Bluetooth accessories.

Temporary solution is to unsubscribe from iCloud account, forget the connection, reset the phone settings or reset the network settings. Then need to reset the device to pair again and log into iCloud. Apple would not currently be familiar with this problem and fix it would be forthcoming iOS 8.1 update, which is already available to developers.

iOS 8 with  a number of serious problems. At the beginning he had the Apple App Store due to a bug in the system to download all the applications that use the new platform HealthKit. Subsequent update that should fix this problem, but the number of people using the iPhones 6 and iPhone 6 Plus mobile connection and Touch Sensor ID. Apple pulled it so quickly, and soon released another corrective update.

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