iOS 8 concept Android has widgets and Windows Phone live tiles



iOS is an endless source of inspiration for designers and artists around the world . Beginning with the new Dashboard to multitask ,  Notification Center , voice control , and all sorts of creative people created .

Jay Makalani also decided to try a new user interfaces and proposed an original widgets concept for Apple smartphones and tablets. His idea is about icons on the iPhone screen can be scaled with a format  of” 1 × 1 ” to ” 2 × 2 ” or ” 4 × 4 ” , just  like “live tiles ” in Windows Phone 8, Jay calls them ” blocks ” . iOS application in an enlarged format is converted to the widget that displays the contents and offers quick access to main functions.

For example, if the scale icon Prognosis unit will demonstrate the city , the temperature and the icon showing the weather conditions in the city , and ” increasing ” the music , the user can see the album cover and buttons to control playback. For other programs, widgets on the screen are the “window to the application which displays its contents on the home screen .” According to the designer , widgets are useful for the phone, messaging, calendar , mail and other applications.

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