Family Sharing is one of the most useful features of iOS 8 invented especially for those who use the technology Apple with kith and kin. Familiar because the situation: my wife uses iPhone, my son is iPod touch, the parents – iPad. At each have different accounts with different shopping. This is awkward and wrong.

Your shopping cart in a supermarket in equal shares owned by all members of the family. Similarly operates family access. All you had to buy on my account Apple ID, will be available to all households free of charge. Conversely, all that managed to buy up they will be available to you. Feature allows you to save a lot of money and nothing at the same time not to lose. How do I set it up – later in this manual.

Family Access is only supported on devices with installed iOS 8. Accordingly, all family members should upgrade to the “eight”. It is very simple – all the instructions and links are in the relevant articles on our site. Once households move to the latest firmware version, you can begin! To address this issue is to the head of household. Most likely, it’s you;)

How to activate the Family Saring in iOS 8 

Belonging to the device you go to Settings -> iCloud. Click on an item Family Access, and then start work. You should see your primary account Apple ID, which you once tied a bank card. If everything is correct, press Continue, then continue again. In the process, you can add your photo – it’s cute, do not hesitate.

The first stone was successfully laid. Now you are the organizer and administrator of the overall home library consisting of all purchases of your loved ones ever made in the history of the iTunes Store and App Store. What remains is to add to your household, “Seven.”


To add a family member to the group Family Access, you need to personally send him an invitation. Open Settings -> iCloud -> Family. Select Add a family member. Find a wife / children / parents on the list of contacts. You can use the search.


If you know the username / password from the Apple ID your family member, you can enter them directly from your device by activating their membership in the group unilaterally. And you can do a little more humane and just send the invitation. It looks interesting: it is not only an e-mail, to which is attached Apple ID of the recipient, but Push-notification that instantly comes to all devices.


As soon as the recipient clicks on the notification, they will be prompted to connect to your library for Family Access. If his hand the invitation is accepted, you will immediately receive a notification on mail and Notification Center.

How to connect children to the Family Sharing

By default, members of the family are connected to the shared library of the Family Access as full adults with their own purse and credit card. If you need to add a child up to 13 years without a personal Apple ID, click on Cost inconspicuous blue bar at the bottom of the menu Family (Settings -> iCloud). This is a unique mode that allows you to create a special account, which differs in two important limitations. For it can not bind the bank card, and shopping with her ​​made ​​from an account with any of the adults. It is implemented as follows.

As soon as the child tries to buy a song, application, video, or a built-in package (In-App), head of the family or any other adult gets Push-warning with options for further action. Then he either allows the purchase and authorizes thereby withdraw funds from their own maps, or reject the transaction.

This is an essential feature for all parents who will now be able to buy their children their own iPhones and iPads, make them personal accounts and sleep peacefully. A kind of answer “no” to the greed and cunning developers masking in-game purchases in children’s games. Never happen that a child will devastate your card or account, whether accidentally or intentionally. You decide what they are buying, even if you are thousands of miles away from them.

How to use the Family Sharing

Members added to your group Family, automatically open access to all your purchases from the iTunes Store and App Store, whether past or future. Roughly speaking, your applications can now be free to set the device to friends and relatives. The same applies to music: tracks purchased from iTunes can be freely downloaded from any of the devices, to whom it did not belong. Now buying the Apple ecosystem have become common, and they can make only once for all users in the family.

It should be noted that application developers, as well as music and movie sellers have the right to refuse to participate in the Family Access. In this case, their content is not available on devices other privyaaznnyh Apple ID. But this situation is the exception to the rule and is extremely rare.

iTunes Match also does not participate in the Family Access. Your “cloud” library will not be available to other family members, except for those tracks that you purchased directly from iTunes Store. Finally, by “pass” all rented movies – for obvious reasons.


Discover how arranged access to applications and to the music library for members of the Family Access. Between them, there is one fundamental difference. Suppose you bought a music album. If you do it will be displayed in the menu shopping, then all the other members of his family, he will only appear in the Family section. You can find it in the last tab of the application App Store and iTunes Store.

In the family displays all users purchase the Family Access. It is from here, and not directly from the store, you should download music that was not purchased by you. Otherwise, you have to simply re-write off the money. This approach – not the most convenient format, but in general it is no different from working with conventional menu shopping. You just swing away tracks and entire albums. Everything opens and plays as if you bought it yourself. Therein lies the charm of a family of access: everything bought household belongs not only to them, but everyone else in the house.

Applications are no limits: when the family access, all users can download free, but previously acquired by someone Applications and Games directly from the App Store.

Summarize. Family Access allows you to share the following content:

– Applications purchased from the App Store;
– Music bought in iTunes Store;
– Movies purchased from the iTunes Store;
– Books bought in the iBookstore.

In the Family sharing does not include:

– Built-in purchase applications from App Store;
– Rented movies in the iTunes Store;
– The music library in the cloud iTunes Match.
Additional features of the Family Access
In addition to shopping, the members of your household will receive other benefits, to join the family sharing. In the integrated Calendar, will be a new calendar, whose contents will be quickly synchronized with all devices in the home. Use a shared calendar is very convenient: you can assign the household affairs and follow the routine of the children, making changes there from all over the globe. Annex Reminders also will be able to create shared alert triggered on all devices users access the Family.

The following function is very pleasant to those who are worried for their loved ones (or suspects them of treason). Family members can access to see where each member of the group at any time. You do not need to download new applications: just open messages, to find in them the desired contact and press the detailed information about it. Icon with his avatars appear on the map – attention – without remote warning. This means that family members can spy on others without their knowledge.

If you have something to hide, you can disable this feature for on their devices, configured iCloud.

Combining geolocation data makes it possible to search for the lost device Family members access to any gadget of the group. In other words, you can run the app Find My iPhone on your Mac, iPhone forgot to find a wife. You do not need to know the username and password from her Apple ID, because all devices are automatically displayed on the world map.

Finally, the Family Access allows you to see all the latest pictures of family members in the embedded application photos. Pictures taken by any of the household can be viewed in the ribbon tab is active. As noted by our readers, the images themselves must be added to the tape manually.
One family – one purchase
Family Access is working adequately now, on a rather unstable the final version of iOS 8. From time to time, some users have experienced with small errors: for example, every time you reboot the phone to me demonstrates the window “can not download the file”, although no files I have not downloaded. Now Cupertino actively struggling with bugs of this service, and in the next update is required to fix them.

Benefits Family Access huge and incredibly useful for these families, who have nothing to hide from each other. General purchase save money, the general picture of the heart combined, shared calendar facilitates business management, and general geolocation protects nerves. In general, the advantages are more than disadvantages.

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