iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweak WatchSpring Turns Springboard To Apple Watch

WatchSpring is a jailbreak tweak for iOS 8 devices,that rings the new interface of Apple Watch (Watch OS) on the iPhone. The tweak allows you to change the traditional look of iOS and replaced by revolutionary aspect of Watch OS, many have ventured to say in recent days that Apple could go for an interface well with the next iOS 9 something we do not believe that it will happen.
Whether true or not, it seems clear that WatchSpring is a great job by the developer and luckily there is a way to install the interface of Apple Watch your iPhone with Jailbreak iOS 8 only in the latest version of Jailbreak. Here we explain the steps to install the tweak WatchSpring, so you can get Apple Watch Os running in iOS.
After Apple Watch for iPhone concept already implemented for the first time as “Apple Watch Interface” iPhone app yesterday, the new user interface of Apple Watch is now available as iOS Jailbreak Tweak 8 their way to the iPhone. With this guide will help you install WatchSpring on iPhones running iOS 8 jailbreak,  you can you also get the Apple Watch Interface on Your iPhone – jailbreak with appropriate Pangu8 is provided here.
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Even the Watch Spring must package after iOS 8 jailbreak to be installed manually via SSH (Instructions Watch Spring installation with download link), but we assume that the Apple Watch Springboard also shortly as a Cydia package for direct installation on the Third Party Jailbreak App Store is available for download and installation.
Below thus equal to TWO Videos of Watch Spring Apple Watch Spring board on an iPhone 6 with iOS 8 Jailbreak (Pangu). This is required to make, among other things, the Cydia package “Open” to Watch Spring functional (but everything is in the above linked instructions). To the Apple Watch Springboard rid you must manually uninstall the package again via Cydia “Spring Watch”.
Steps to install on your iPhone WatchSpring 
Before we begin, we would like to mention that WatchSpring is a Cydia tweak for Jailbreak iOS only 8. In addition, some users have reported some problems after installing the theme and one of the most common is to reboot into Safe Mode iPhone. If that happens to you, we suggest you try to uninstall Cydia Substrate and then install it again. Also, take the opportunity to say that this tweak is still in development, so we do not know the consequences for your device, it’s why we ask you to act at your own risk.
  • Download the latest version of WatchSpring.
  • We transfer WatchSpring.deb the iPhone via SSH ir Cydia
  • From SSH, replace the IP adrress with root for the username and for the password use alpine
  • Install the package with the following command> dpkg -i
  • Now we go to Cydia and search the tweak “Open” developed by Conrad Kramer and installed it.
  • Restart the iPhone and Bingo !!, and we interface our Watch Apple iPhone running perfectl
  • Or you can go to Cydia , tap -> edit -> enter the following repo if you don’t already have it “”
  • After that look for Lamerz source, find and installApple Watch SpringBoard package then launch WatchSpring
How do you find the first implementation of Apple Watch as iOS Springboard replacement for devices running iOS 8 jailbreak?

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