iPhone-6-iOS-8Apple finally made available the iOS 8 for download. To update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you will have to connect to your computer and open iTunes or do the update via OTA. Almost certainly, taking as reference the release of previous years, the servers will be saturated the early hours. So the long wait and the download can be done. In case you want to use iTunes instead, the links can be found in our download page

The most basic of all, make a backup of our devices before doing anything. On what devices are compatible, it must be said that the veteran iPhone 4 is the only device that supported iOS7 will be left out of this new version. That is, the full list of devices that are upgraded to iOS 8 are:


  • iPhone 4s and later
  • iPad 2 and later
  • iPad mini and later
  • iPod touch (fifth generation)

Despite this, iOS 8 is an update for Apple seems to have taken seriously reach the maximum number of devices.
iOS 8, ​​a deep draft update

If iOS 7 renewed the appearance of a mobile operating system that was beginning to show signs of aging, 8 is the iOS update that delves into the lead of its predecessor. This new version keeps the established aesthetic lines, but that does not mean there is not news. All party going on under the hood.
In June we told you the main new iOS incorporating 8 among them are:

  • Interactive Notifications without leaving the app where we are.
  • Mail improved speed and usability.
  • iCloud Drive to access our archives on Apple cloud.
  • Spotlight hipervitamina and allows us to do all kinds of searches.
  • Finally we keyboards other than Apple, though, with assured privacy.
  • iMessage incorporates features that will please those who use this app regularly.

Why not, the existence of widgets that can display like the notification menu.
There are also a number of less important but equally interesting improvements. For example, iOS eight underarm bring a couple of new apps, and Health Tips. iBooks will come as standard with all devices. Apple has also decided to incorporate the list DuckDuckGo search engine, the search engine that protects your privacy.


Additionally, August is a leap iOS for iPhone video game controls. The idea behind this is to allow the use of the touch screen, the various sensors of the iPhone and the command itself to control video games, all at the same time. The style Wii U. The Notes app will also gain functionality to allow the insertion of images in addition to enrich the text.

There are a handful of features for which we will have to wait for the release of OS X Yosemite. Handoff, Continuity and the ability to respond to messages and calls from the Mac are the most interesting.
Improvements and changes the camera Photos


Apple has struggled to put on the table a number of improvements to the camera that allow greater control. We will have a new Time Lapse mode built into the app as standard. As a bonus, Apple introduced PhotoKit for developers to have a more precise manual control of the camera from their own apps.

Regarding the Photos app, Apple wanted to alleviate the problem of managing hundreds of pictures we have all our reel. To do this, it remains in Photos Streaming but iCloud Photo library is added to improve synchronization and access. We can perform intelligent searches like “a year ago” or “near the town X”. In addition, we can hide photos.


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