iOS 8 protects against Wi-Fi location tracking in stores



The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are powerful multi-function devices. iOS 8 firmware has brought many new features and options that fully reveal the improvement if Apple electronic devices. Some of the innovations are designed to enhance the protection of user data. As it became known , iOS 8 automatically changes the MAC- address of the mobile device during the Wi-Fi search.

“iOS 8 changed the way scanning wireless networks Wi-Fi, the device now uses random MAC- address . When searching for wireless networks , a special “virtual” address that is different from the present … After the device completes the scan , a unique identifier for a real change , “- one of the slides at WWDC.

According to 9to5Mac, it is a preventive measure designed to protect Apple mobile device users from unsolicited  advertising and analytical companies through Wi-Fi access points, which  anonymously collect information about the owners of mobile devices . There are companies that specialize in selling even such information to advertisers.

Analytical services collect information on all mobile devicess, any brand and with any operating system , including Android. iOS 8 will be the first to protect users from ” advertising ” surveillance.

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