iOS-8Apple is developing a new operating system iOS 8. Next Issue mobile platform will retain previous design , the company focused its attention on three other aspects – improving productivity , improvement of maps and a new application for health monitoring Healthbook.

According to 9to5Mac, Healthbook application will combine the capabilities sports Nike, Runkeeper and others. With it, iPhone will be able to count the steps , distance and calories burned .

Healthbook will work in conjunction with a “smart” clock iWatch. Notes that wearable computers will wear measurement of pulse and blood pressure . As you know, in recent months, Apple has formed a team of experts working in the field of software and hardware associated with medicine. iWatch allows you to control a number of health parameters , but accurate information about it yet.

On the other function iOS 8 also do not know many . The creation of new API for voice assistant Siri and further development of technology «iOS in the Car», which can bind to get iPhone’s camera to update the information on road traffic. Another important feature of the new OS is the ability to use mobile payments using the fingerprint sensor iPhone and iPad.

In 2014, Apple will be able to improve the safety of operations at mobile payments – mobile devices will become a secure electronic wallet .

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