iOS 8 SDK Revealed iPhone 6 Screen Resolution


 iOS 8 SDK


Among the different resolutions tested by Apple for the iPhone 6, 1472 x 828 pixels seems weird. Some time ago, Apple was testing different screen resolutions for the iPhone 6, including 1704 x 960 as one of the more feasible given the supposed dimensions of the new terminal. In addition, the benefit of using this resolution is enabling a less drastic transition for both developers and users, since the quality of the images and graphics get saved greatly.

However, 9to5Mac  just discovered another potential resolution for the iPhone 6 screen from iOS 8 SDK which have been included in the latest Xcode Development Kit 6 (SDK). As you can see in the pictureabove, the new resolution is on file in the “Springboard” Xcode application. By now, we all know that Springboard is another way of referring to the home screen of our iOS devices.



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