iOS 8 to bring on surface-style multitasking feature on the iPad


ipad multitasking

On June 2,  Apple will introduce a new version of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad. The company will continue to develop its platform and implements a number of new features.

As reported Tuesday by 9to5Mac, iOS 8 will get new features – multitasking feature which will split screen into two parts. As a result , users can work on the iPad with two applications simultaneously .

Now the tablet Apple will not work with multiple programs , that in some situations can be very handy . With the release of iOS 8 ” apple ” device will bring the 10 -inch screen two applications . For example , you can simultaneously open the twitter client and a photo viewer Instagram. Or use the browser and calendar. There are many applications that are useful in this form.

By implementing the new iOS multitasking 8 will resemble Windows 8 on tablets Surface. Function Snap View, in which one of the programs can occupy half of the screen , is considered an important feature of the devices Microsoft. She demanded by business users, who often need to perform multiple tasks at once. Not so long ago, the software giant has even released a promotional video , which highlighted the lack of multitasking on the iPad.

New multitasking will be available in 9.7- inch iPad, and only in landscape ( horizontal orientation ) mode. In particular , users can drag and drop text, video and images from one program to another . On the iPhone and 7.9 -inch iPad mini, most likely two applications not fit because of the small area of ​​the screen .

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