The release of the final version of iOS 8 started yesterday for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  The process will often take place flawlessly. But it is always better to be safe and how to prepare for the transition to the “eight”. In this article we will focus on the main points to keep in mind that you upgrade to iOS 8.

Let’s start with the obvious and make sure that your mobile device is compatible with Apple iOS 8. latest version of the mobile operating system will require a minimum of iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad mini and iPod touch 5gen. These devices, as well as more compatible with the new iOS 8. Compared with “Seven” was behind the iPhone 4.

Then, update iTunes to the latest version – it’s important. For OS X Mavericks and older operating systems will require Apple iTunes 11.4. Same version required for Windows. To update iTunes Welcome to the Mac App Store or Apple’s website for an updated version. Warning, if you are already using OS X Yosemite as the underlying operating system, then you definitely should be updated over the air without touching iTunes in OS X 10.10.

The next step will be the backup. Make it should be mandatory, although the cases when something goes wrong, it is extremely rare, but in the case of personal data is always better to be safe. If you create a backup on your computer, then connect the iOS-device to your computer, open iTunes and synchronize.

If your data is sent to iCloud, it is sufficient to connect the device to a power source and run the backup manually: Settings> iCloud> Storage and backup. Click “Create a copy.” If the free space in iCloud at the end, then pay attention to two possible options. Firstly, it is possible to reduce the size of backup with our instructions. Secondly, you can purchase additional storage in iCloud for new, cheaper rates.

Also note that the data in some applications can be copied manually to iCloud. The most obvious example – WhatsApp. In the Settings app has all the tools to save your message history and received files.

Now you are ready to install iOS 8.

When the operating system will be available for download tonight, it remains only to choose the installation method. There are three options. The easiest – updating the air. Go to Settings> General> Software Update. There has to be found to upgrade to iOS 8. Agree to the license agreement and install the update. The device is best to connect to an electrical outlet or a computer for the duration of the process.

Next option – update via iTunes. Just connect iOS-device to the computer cable and run iTunes. On the Home screen of your device in iTunes click “Update” and wait. This way the transition to iOS saves all settings, applications and data. In other words, your device will remain the same as it was before the upgrade, but with iOS 8 on board.

The alternative is to restore the mobile device. Connecting the gadget to the computer and selecting iTunes «Recovery”, after a while we get a smart phone, tablet or player installed iOS 8, ​​but without any data. Memory is completely cleared, and the device will return to factory settings. In the first case we are all the data in memory, then after recovery or need to restore the device from a backup in the initial setup or configure it all over again from scratch. There is already one of his choosing, that it is more convenient. Personally, I prefer the last option in the transition to the new releases of iOS and OS X.

If you do not have the best internet connection, you can make a “knight’s move” and download the correct firmware manually from the web to your computer. Download link will be published after the release of iOS 8 in the corresponding news. After downloading the firmware, we do exactly the same steps, except for one caveat. Before pressing the “Update” or “Restore” button must be pressed on the keyboard and hold the Alt (Option) for OS X or Shift for Windows. This manipulation will open a window to select the update file. This will save time when downloading a file through iTunes for one reason or another uncomfortable or firmware file you want to save for the future. iOS 8 installation on your device will be completed.

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