iOS 9.1 Beta 3: New wallpapers in the developer version



Apple working diligently along iOS 9.1 and has a week, the Beta 3 released after the second development version for developers who again mended errors and contains new wallpapers.

In the release iOS 9.1 beta 3 Apple announced that errors in Siri, in the settings, the UIKit, in the podcast app and in the restoration and in the two-factor authentication to applications in the iCloud have been fixed.

Four new wallpaper

Burnt-Planet Orange-and-Blue-Planet

After a review of the Beta 3 of iOS 9.1 we discovered four new wallpapers: Three planets have been added and an aerial view of the desert sand replaces a similar photo of the previous iOS version. With the keyboard the Shift and Caps Lock key has become somewhat thicker.

In addition, the new releases of the first two development versions of iOS 9.1 in Beta 3 include: On the 34 new Emojis Unicode 8.0 dispensed Apple also guaranteed in the final version does not, and so far you can also select continue if the news app that Photos of your contacts indicating or not.

A date for the final version of iOS 9.1, Apple has not yet been named. However, we expect that it will be so far in November, since the update also includes changes that are needed to support the new features of the iPad Pro – and the 12.9-inch tablet should appear precisely in this month.

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