iOS 9.2 Beta 2 Public Beta Testers Support AT&T Calling 



Yesterday, Apple released the second beta of iOS 9.2 to developers, today there was a public release that support WiFi calling via AT&T.  This beta is moving extremely fast to what we usually see Apple, however, it is important to note that Apple Software is a good way to improve more and more every edition of iOS.

This second beta of iOS 9.2 is available on the portal beta testing. They do not seem to be any particular change from the first beta, remember that He brought some improvements to the View Controller Safari Extensions and introducing the Safari support even in the third app. They corrects several bugs and have been improved overall performance of iOS 9.2.

As many of you know the previous iOS 9.2 beta was released to developers only brought fixes for Safari View Controller, however this first public beta is traced to the second beta for developers was presented yesterday, as is quite common in Apple. These are some of the highlights:

At this rate update in mid-December we should be officially available version of iOS 9.2 for all users, focused as iOS 9.1 in the overall optimization of the device, something that pleased us very much indeed.

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