After releasing guides to Jailbreak iOS 9.2 / 9.3.3, now, this article will provide steps to fix the most common and annoying Cydia error encountered during the jailbreak process with the new tool from Pangu Team .

The new Pangu Jailbreak requires access via Apple ID to load the PP Jailbreak application on the device. This application must be signed with an Apple ID to be properly installed and open on the device, otherwise the failure to perform the jailbreak. We recommend, in any case, do not use your primary Apple ID, but a secondary or alternate created to run the jailbreak in peace. You can create a new Apple ID from here.

This happens if for some reason the tool does not accept Apple ID you use special characters (such as “+” or “_”). If you create a new Apple ID specifically for this jailbreak, do not use special characters.

Jailbreak stop working after 7 days?

Given the nature of this Jailbreak and technical requirement to use a non-Apple developer ID for loading and sign the application needed to be unlocked, it will require a new execution Jailbreak via the computer tool after 7 days. Alternatively, users can sign himself alone application “PP Jailbreak” (with or without an Apple Developer ID) and load it on your device using Xcode.


As explained, this is a Jailbreak Semi-Tethered. Therefore, given its nature, requires the execution of a re-jailbreak every time the device is restarted, otherwise you can not take advantage of the features related to Jailbreak and Cydia will not start (but you can still use your phone, which instead it would not be possible in the case in which the Jailbreak was tethered type). In this case, however, Pangu has developed an innovative tool: no use, in fact, connect the device to your computer to restart it, but just press the icon again PP Jailbreak. It is therefore recommended to perform the methods described here if Cydia crashi startup.

Why do I get the Cydia error “failed in buffer_write (fd) (8, ret = -1)” in after the jailbreak?

It is an easily solvable problem. Just open Cydia and click on the “Sources” button and add repo “”. At this point you will have to search and download the package called “Stashing for iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3”. Once the tweak is installed, it will solve the above problem and Cydia will work properly.

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