Apple error 1970

Apple error 1970

If you want to brick your iPhone,  then set a date prior to May 1, 1970 and your device will not restart again. This strange bug was finally corrected by Apple with the latest iOS 9.3 beta available for several days.

Apple has already explained that the bug affects all iOS devices (but only with 64-bit processor): If the user sets a date from May 1970 in any day before, the “device will not turn over after a restart. ”

Now, the latest beta of iOS 9.3 fixes this bug and avoid any blocking of the device when it is set to a date earlier than offending. How did Apple to fix this bug? Simple, preventing the user to enter this date! With iOS 9.3, going in the watch settings you can bring back the hour hand until December 31, 2000, and not before. In addition, this beta allows you to restore without the iPhone locked by the difficulties of 1970 bug.

Pending released the public version of iOS 9.3, some users have been able to restart the iPhone in this way:

  • Remove the SIM card from the device
  • Wait until the battery runs out completely
  • Reload and restart the iPhone
  • Restore the correct date manually

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