iOS-9.3-Night-Shift-mode-teaser-001Apple made some changes in the Night Shift mode with the fourth and fifth beta versions of iOS 9.3. The most notable change is the deactivation of the function when it is in low power mode. Being in this power saving mode, the switch is grayed option both Night Shift and Control Center. This has led some users begin to show their displeasure with this new change, as many would like to use both modes at once overnight.


Another change brought these new beta versions is that by touching the icon Night Shift options “Activate now” or “Turn Up Tomorrow” no longer appear. In addition, the manually activates the Night Shift mode icon until the automatic calendar an event appears, as sunset, sunrise, or a specific time.

Similarly, a new selection also appears in Night Shift setting that says “Activate manually until tomorrow.” This causes the function is active until dawn the next day, or some other time is specified, so we can draw the conclusion that the controls used in both Setup and Control Center to disable the function, are essentially the same in this new beta.

In addition, paragraph settings, the choice of color temperature have also changed. The labels that were previously named as “Colder” and “Warmest” have been renamed “Less hot” and “Hotter”, while small circles of blue and orange have been eliminated. It also has built a new small phrase that says “The use of warm colors can reduce eyestrain”, informing us of the benefits of using this feature.


Night Shift is the most important feature of iOS 9.3. When you activate this new feature, automatically changes the color temperature of the screen. This feature helps to limit the exposure of blue light to which we are exposed to throughout the day, so that we can improve our circadian rhythm sleep. Soon we will see this new version on our devices, as it is expected to be released this March.

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