iOS 9.3 Final Version Available For iPhone And iPad


iOS 9.3 Final Version Available For iPhone And iPad

As expected, Apple released officially the last iOS 9.3 version of its mobile operating system. A version that was released as a public beta last January and as expected, has come loaded with new features that will allow better use of Apple mobile devices from today it will be when this latest version of Apple’s operating system is released.

Night Shift

Perhaps it is one of the most interesting, because with this new feature, both the iPhone and the iPad will reduce blue tones of their screens to prioritize orange when it gets dark with the firm objective to offer an image and light more warm that does not cause excessive fatigue to our eyes when using the devices in low light.
A fact that according to many studies can also affect your heart rate and make it cost us sleep. A feature that can be programmed to be activated automatically at specific times, although it is also possible to activate it manually.

With the arrival of the new version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 9.3, we can also match your iPhone with more than one Apple Watch, provided they use watchOS 2.2.

We will also be able to take high resolution pictures from a to Live Photo and enjoy new 3D Touch shortcuts for certain applications or settings.
Preparing my device to update to iOS 9.3

The first thing is to check if your device has space enough internal memory to download and install the latest version of Apple’s operating system. Otherwise, we will have to delete files or uninstall applications until we can release all the space you need for upgrade to iOS 9.3.

Once this is done, the following would make a backup of our device in case during the iOS 9.3 update problems occur and so that we do not lose our data terminal. Thus, for any errors, we can regain our device as we had it before attempting to upgrade.
The next and would update the device, which can be done via iTunes or via OTA. For the first, we need to connect our iPhone or iPad to iTunes using cable and once done, will be the iTunes himself who warn us that we have an update available, in this case iOS 9.3, and that we can begin installation clicking on the Update button.

OTA is probably the most convenient way to do so, just go to to Settings > General > Software Update. If there is an update available, we will ask if we want to download and install, but before that we must meet the requirements for sufficient free memory space and having the device loaded with more than half of the battery.

Although it will be Apple to decide what devices will the possibility to upgrade to iOS 9.3, so if we can anticipate is that to have the Night Sight function must owning a device that has 64-bit architecture.


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