iOS 9.3 Will Let Employers Lock The Layout On Home Screen



The next version of the mobile operating system from Apple, iOS 9.3 will include many interesting developments, such as the very mentioned Night Shift and applications for education, but there will be others who will not taste as much as a new feature that will allow leaders to block applications the home screen of corporate devices. The discovery has made Steven Troughton-Smith and found in the information for developers. At first, this is designed so that workers have faster access to applications that interest the entrepreneur access.

But this would not be the only restriction they could use the heads, since it also might be possible to deny access to some applications and notifications. For example, an employer could decide whether an application displays alerts in the Notification Center and Lock screen and what type of alert (no, strips, etc.), including balloons and sounds. In short, they could decide what we pay attention to a device owned.

If we look at it in perspective, it is also something logical: if I facilitated a phone to a worker, the last thing I want is to spend the day playing with it. For example, restrict access to some games and social networking applications. To prevent another application that could be used in a particular service (such as Tweetbot or Twitterrific for Twitter), would not allow installed applications are installed.

Another restriction that may apply is to force default use applications like Safari or Chrome, in controlled devices, disable Apple Music or not allow passwords to be saved Safari. It is clear that the choices are always welcome, especially when they are going well for us, but as I write this article I am thinking of one thing: if we are to restrict both an iPhone, why not give them a simpler phone without all the features that you want to delete and it will be cheaper?

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