iOS-9-adoption-70-percentiOS 9 is found in 70% devices. This data corresponds to November 30, ie, a few days ago. One couple of weeks ago when Apple re-released these figures adoption iOS in September was 67% of compatible devices, so these two weeks this rate has grown by 3 points. A slow but steady progress.

With these new figures, all other operating systems, not surprisingly, have reduced their quota. For iOS 8, the percentage of supported devices is 22% (24% two weeks ago), while only 8% are found in versions prior to iOS 8, when two weeks ago it was 9%. Now just a month ago, the rate of adoption of iOS 9 was 66%, which could indicate a slowdown in the adoption of iOS in September by users with compatible devices at this time.

If we consider the adoption of Android data Marshmallow, we see that currently only the sixth version of Android are in the 0.3% of compatible devices at this time, when more than two months ago hit the market, but as usual, until the manufacturers do not adopt their applications to this new version, may not release Android 6.0 for their devices.

Before the end of the year, Samsung plans to release an update for most of its latest models has launched during this year. LG has just released the latest update for your model while Sony has not yet ruled on the matter.(Source Apple)

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