iOS 9 Already Installed in 57 percent devices after three weeks


Within 24 hours after iOS 9 release, devices to date devices that adopted the new Apple mobile firmware were at 12%, a share slightly below ios 8, in the same period. A few days later, that percentage rose to an astonishing 50% unheard of to date and becoming the fastest adoption since such statistics exist. Three weeks after the release of iOS 9, the latest version of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices, it is already at 57% of supported devices.


At the same time, ios 8 reached 47%. These data, supplied by Apple comprise up to 5 October, so now three days after the percentage of 57% may have been exceeded. Ios 8 share has been reduced to 33% of devices while previous versions as iOS 7 is set at 10% of the devices. It should be remembered that while the iPhone 4 is a veteran device in the secondary market is still functioning quite well despite that the last version that was updated was iOS 7.

Apple promises in the last keynote, which said that this ninth version of iOS would focus on improving performance on older devices such as iPhone 4s and iPad 2 veterans, who continue to receive updates. That promise fell on deaf ears when iOS in September reached its final version to the users and ascertained that the operation of this version was almost the same as with the latest version of iOS 8 8.4.1. This promise forced many users to quickly update their devices with the hope of improving the fluidity of operation, hence the wide adoption has ginned iOS in September.

Another aspect of IOS 9 which has pissed off many users, especially the owners of the models presented last year, is the happy lag shown each time you access to Spotlight, incomprehensible being a phone that can handle 9 so iOS much more fluid than you do, because the lag is also displayed when access or make changes multitasking between applications more quickly than usual. Another year, I will not upgrade my device until it the first major update, which is often resolve performance problems that appear at first appears.

Users who have tried different betas of iOS 9.1 stated that lags, including Spotlight is annoying, have disappeared. It seems incredible that during the betas of iOS in September, Apple has not been able to solve this problem so annoying. If the betas are for developers and users to report problems or incidents that are, should solve before the final release. It is logical, at least for me, but Apple apparently did not.

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