iOS 9 already installed in 67% devices


iOS 9 adoption

Apple refresh the data again. Currently iOS 9 is in 67% of compatible devices. These data have been obtained from the visits to the Apple Store on the devices currently available applications at the App Store.

While iOS 9 has increased in these two weeks, as is usual in these cases, other OS They have come down, this data is shared in dashboard for developers . In this case ios 8 share has dropped to 24% while iOS versions prior to August are still at 9% of the devices that are currently running and connected to the App Store.

Whenever Apple or any company launches a new operating system, these are never perfect and are far from its final version. But this time we had to not wait long to have a version of iOS 9.1, which works really well. In the past, we had to wait several months for the operation of IOS was fairly acceptable.

Without going any further, iOS 8.4, which included Apple Music was one of the best versions of iOS 8, which came a few months before the release of iOS 9. With iOS 7, which was a change in the design of iOS, I skeumorfismo going from the plane design, it had a slow transition until he got a version that really allowed us to interact with the device without errors or problems which were usually users.

For now, the only one version is available for Jailbreak iOS 9.0.2 while the latest version that Apple is currently signing iOS 9.1, which is the best version of iOS 9 so far.(Source Apple)

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