iOS 9 Concept Shows A Revamped Lock Screen With ‘Quick Access



Conceptsiphone released a new video on YouTube to introduce its Concept iOS 9. Simon Rahm proposes a new view for the lock screen on iOS 9 with the new Quick Access features. According to his proposal, one could read different information, messages, notifications of new ways to add more 3 quick access to applications. Each category would have its own separate page so that the user can better target information.

The purpose is to allow the user to see each separately notifications depending on the application concerned. Thus, they do not mix and it becomes easier to go to the essentials. The user could also delete the information on the screen by dragging the icon down. Look at the concept and tell us what you think:

The iOS 9 will make its debut in June at WWDC 2015, which will take place from June 8th to June 12th along with the OS X 10.11 presentation. Apple may surprise his world with his new iOS 9, the first beta will land among developers normally June 8 We will be able to bring you more information about it at that time.

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