iOS 9 is now adopted in 76 percent of devices



The adoption rate of iOS 9 seems to have taken off since we started the year. In the past two weeks, the percentage of users who have upgraded from an earlier version of iOS 9 is only 1%. It seems that users today have not updated still not see any reason to justify the upgrade.

Many of them may be waiting for the jailbreak. Recall that currently the latest firmware version is compatible with iOS 9.0.2. Jailbreak is version Many are the rumors to be close again after iOS 9 updates, but for now everything is smoke.

According to data collected until January 25, iOS 9 installed in 76% of compatible devices today, while previous versions as iOS 8 has dropped two points since the last statistic while 17% the same or lower versions ios 7 of 7% remains as the last two weeks.

The latest beta of iOS 9.3 has brought us important new features like night mode, password protection … innovations that can drive adoption of iOS devices 9 are still managing older versions of iOS 9. We have to wait until Apple release the final version to see if that little push can accelerate the adoption of the ninth version of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices.

According to the latest figures that Apple offered at the conference where he announced the latest financial results, Apple currently has on the market more than 1000 million active devices, which regularly visit any of the online services is available as Apple iTunes, App Store, iCloud Mac App Store …

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