iOs 9

iOs 9

Apple officially launched within approximately next few hours,  the new version of its mobile operating system, but what time exactly iOS 9 will  be launched in my time zone? Tim Cook and the company announced the launch in the first few wave of countries but, as usual, did not say at what time. Considering the time that most often release software updates, the launch will occur at 10am PDT (Pacific Time).

iOs 9 release time


It is likely that at the time of launch, the servers will somewhat slow, so patience is recommended. It is also possible (has happened before) that you can not turn the device, so it is recommend not to hurry and wait several hours or even tomorrow to install iOS in September.

Recall that among the new Notes will be a renewed application will allow us to draw or add multimedia content, the News app, although it is not certain to be available outside the United States from the beginning, a very useful button “back to previously -implementation” A new spotlight is now called Search, now called Passbook Wallet (portfolio) and lots of small details that, while not a revolution, if that makes September 1, iOS great evolution.

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