In addition to new features iOS 9 also brings optimizations that should improve battery life. We have iOS 9 can compete against iOS 8 in the battery test. iOS 9 brings many new features and should also improve battery life. Up to an hour longer to be able to stay away from the socket. Are made possible by a fundamental software optimization, the new power-saving mode and better use of ambient light and proximity sensors. If the iPhone, for example, with the display downwards on the table, the display will not be activated when a notification arrives.

Whether aside from this intelligent display control, and other optimizations in iOS 9 positive effect on the battery life, we tested.

It should be noted that this benchmark is a neutral test that simulates a continuous system utilization at consistently active display. Depending on your personal usage could certainly learn a more significant improvement or deterioration of the battery life in everyday life. These tests were conducted on four identically configured iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

iphone6_ios8_ios9_battery2iphone6plus_ios8_ios9_battery1iOS 8 Battery life vs. iOS 9: No need to worry

When neutral battery test without power saving mode, we see no major differences between iOS 8 and iOS 9. That must mean anything bad, quite the contrary. Finally, more functions are integrated in iOS, it run more background processes without degrading the battery life. In the past, there were quite a few iOS updates, the more negative impact on the battery life. With active power saving mode, however iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus keep by considerably longer. Performance Benchmarks show low battery power and with active power saving mode that Apple’s performance of its A-Chips – reasonable scale down – in this case, the A8. Conclusion: Who makes the battery life concerns, with the update to iOS 9, there is nothing to worry about.

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