The next couple of months we will hold in anticipation of the announcement of iOS 9 at the annual conference for developers – WWDC 2015. All this is familiar to us, but in this case, Apple holds the novelty hopes amid criticism about the stability of iOS 8. In iOS 9,  Apple promises to to improve, to prioritize the reliability of the operating system.

Rumor has it that Apple is going to release the iPhone 7 in 2016. By that time,  the team will work out all the features of iOS and fix errors. Accordingly, the appearance of iPhone 7 for sale must be “polished” and brought to the ideal. One of the reasons for the expected revolutionary iPhone 7 with its curved sapphire display, impressive battery chamber with two photo sensors. Accordingly, the requirements for iOS 9 are unusually high, so as not to repeat the situation with iOS 8 when the problems of the software platform skewing effect of the release of the new iPhone. By the way, this year Apple is going to please the user release iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, as well as a new smaller model – iPhone 6c.


iOS 9: Focus on enterprise applications

So what to expect from iOS 9? First of all, this is the maximum of its adaptation for corporate clients. For many years Apple ignored this market, focusing on the broad masses, allowing competitors to establish themselves on it and earn a reputation. Thus, even though the manufacturer of iPhone is now an excellent reputation in the field of consumer electronics in the corporate market this status has to be earned.

Here, for example, BlackBerry. This manufacturer is, of course, can not boast of such love from the masses, as Apple. However, in a corporate environment it already has a name, and its consumers. The popularity of gadgets BlackBerry, though somewhat reduced in the near future still be able to provide the manufacturer good demand for its products. Accordingly, Apple will have to close the gap between themselves and such leaders in the corporate market as the BlackBerry. To do this, the company from Cupertino is gradually beginning to adapt and its mobile operating system, and how to work with it. For example, mobile enterprise software developers are no longer limited only programming interfaces iOS, but it’s just a drop in the ocean. Still, until Apple more favors those who write programs for a wide use.

But with the release of iOS 9 can hope for positive change. Most likely it is in this version of the mobile OS will strictly focused on the corporate world functions. A prerequisite for this is already seen in iOS 8. In particular, a new security feature. Its meaning in a particular installation of an application – via the App Store or arms the system administrator. In the latter case, the system allows the system administrator to apply special rules limiting the exchange of data in applications.
Such a move aimed at attracting the attention of potential corporate clients. After all, today many companies are strongly and with good reason to fear for the safety of their confidential data stored in these or other applications on the corporate gadgets. This level of protection is definitely increase the interest of corporations to produce Apple. In addition to iOS 9 is planned to improve data management tools and mobile devices themselves in an environment of corporate networks.

Focus on Apple Watch


By the time Apple iOS 9 demonstrate, smart watches Apple Watch for a couple of months will be on sale. That is quite logical to expect that in this version of iOS will be integrated and some features specially sharpened for the new wearable gadget. By the way, Apple Watch – a strategically important device that is designed including to increase company profits. Accordingly, the emergence of a new version of iOS some interesting features for smart hours should contribute to the beginning of the second wave of sales of Apple Watch after their appearance on store shelves.
In addition to the WWDC 2015, Apple has plenty of available time for another update iOS 8. In this light, difficult to predict whether some interesting features built into the next version of iOS 8, or yet they will reserve it for iOS 9. It is worth also be noted that the current version of the mobile operating system has caused a lot of negative reviews because of a lot of errors and bugs from which Apple developers just need to get rid of the new platform.

CarPlay joins the game


It is believed that in iOS 9 will be expanded opportunities CarPlay. Of course, it has already been integrated in iOS 8, but lately because Apple is planning to make a breakthrough in this area. Not for nothing Cupertino-based company has been negotiating with Tesla. And remember a lot of rumors about Apple’s plans to build its own electric car. But the main problem – it’s market dominance integrable automotive software.

Accordingly, chances of significant improvements in iOS functionality 9 CarPlay, which turns it into a unique software product. And since the old Apple’s competitors are unlikely to pass such tidbits as the automotive market, in a short time in this area should expect some new products and software from Samsung, but based on OS Android.

Beats music streaming service 
Many analysts suggest that at WWDC 2015 we will see the presentation of the updated and revised in Cupertino service Beats. IPhone maker posted a lot of money for the purchase of this popular brand, so Apple will try to get away from the launch music streaming service maximum benefit and revenue. We have already mentioned that the new service is likely to be a kind of symbiosis iTunes and Beats Music. The development of this product will help Apple move, consolidate and capitalize more on the music industry.

That is, in iOS 9 assumed more functions associated it with the music than in previous versions of the mobile OS. This is quite the same as the company’s plans to conquer the music market in particular. In general, if all these predictions will be more or less accurate, once again we will see how Apple has successfully penetrated into new niches for themselves and the markets in which makes a lot of money and at the same time making the world a better, more interesting and more comfortable. [via ValueWalk]

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