Apple officially released iOS 9, which is now available to install via OTA and from iTunes. It is likely that, for a few hours, Apple’s servers can not cope with all requests, but soon the situation will be normalized and we install the new mobile operating system of the bitten apple on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Here we describe the main novelties of iOS released in September.

iOS 9 proactive suggestions
This new operating system is smarter than ever. According to our iPhone application, we propose the system apliacaciones, contacts, etc, so that everything turns us more comfortable. Siri is also smart, as evidenced by their ability to find photos as we ask. What we can do to improve Siri is to test it. Surely surprise us with something new.

Better performance
Apple promised an improvement in performance over 8 and iOS, so I tried it and so many have said, it is true. It is also true that other users will have complained of malfunctioning at times, but we have to test the final version to see if Apple was right or your worst fears are realized.

More security
iOS comes with nine point security, which at first was known as “Rootless” and that makes it difficult for any application or malicious user to get root access to the system. In addition, from now we can set 6-digit numeric codes. Moreover, when we enter a website that tries to rip us off with what is known as “scam”, we propose Safari block pop-ups on that site.

Lower energy consumption
low consumption ios 91 830×403 Apple officially launched iOS 9. We tell all news

Apple always promises us more efficient with each new version of its consumer operating systems, but in this case, yes there is some way that we can see nothing to install iOS 9. This is the low-power mode, which limits some features to Battery last us much longer. The benchmarks demonstrate the latter.


The iOS News 9 application is as a mixture of Flipboard and an RSS reader, but without being either. It is not as visual as Flipboard, but it works really well. To be installed by default, I think everyone will give it a try and some, like me, we will use it by default.


The Notes application is much improved with the arrival of iOS 9. Now we can draw, add photos, video, audio, and can even take a ruler to make straight lines. A demanding user may need more options and new application notes is not enough, but it turns to potential users, like me.

Passbook has passed away. With apple pay and a year in circulation (in the US), Apple has decided to give a facelift to the application and has dubbed simply purse or wallet.

Save webs in PDF

In OS X is quite possible to save a web in PDF. This possibility also comes to iOS in September, leaving the document waiting in iBooks to read later.

New Spotlight: Search

Spotlight changed the name. Now it is just “look” and allow us to find anything in our iPhone or outside it. Since Search will be able to make calls or play songs without having to open the application needed to do so.

Smaller and programmable Updates
The updates will be smaller, but this does not mean that once installed will occupy less or that is what has not happened in the Betas. What it is you can schedule an update for the iPhone do this automatically when are sleeping or at another time that we come better.

New multitasking

iOS 7 and iOS 8, the application picker were next to each other completely flat cards. In iOS 9 Maps are cascaded and is something that we understood when it introduced the iPhone 6s: with the 3D Touch can move between applications making a little harder and when you see the effect when the new multitasking makes sense.

New Keyboard

iOS 9 brings a new keyboard that will allow us, for example, see if we will write in upper or lower case. Moreover, San Francisco typography is the same as that used in Apple Watch and is a little more pleasing to the eye.

Blocking Safari content 

iOS 9 Safari allows to install blockers content. These blockers we can restrict the content that bother us at some sites. AdBlock Plus, one of the most famous advertising blockers, confirmed that they are working on it.


In the native mail application, when we go to send a picture, we can draw on it, write text or add arrows and signatures. Dial is also available in OS X Mail and is really good, but not quite understand why they have not added the function in the Photos application.

Virtual Trackpad

The jailbreak sure that you use SwypeSelection know. With this tweak you can select text by simply swiping your finger across the desired text. Apple has introduced a similar feature that allows us to use a trackpad from the keyboard of IOS. To activate enough to put two fingers on the keyboard.

The virtual trackpad is not available for iPhone, at least until the last beta, but it will be in the 6s iPhone and iPad is for.

App iCloud Drive

Many’s been waiting and many did not understand how we could get along without a native application for iCloud Drive. This application will in iOS 9 and with it we navigate our iCloud Drive folders without having to use third-party applications that cost them browse our directory iCloud.

Button “again …”

When an application send us to any other, upper left us a new option that will “return to …” where the dots are called the first application will appear. It seems silly, but it is very comfortable and we avoid being continually pressing the start button to close an application and return to the first.

 iOS 9 on the iPad
On the iPad there are also interesting developments, such as:

Split Screen: will allow us to split the screen to run two applications simultaneously. For example, we read in one part of the screen and type in the other half.

Picture in picture: the easiest and fastest way to understand PiP is the ability to play a video thumbnail in a floating window while we are doing something else. It is similar to the YouTube app, which we can minimize the video content and keep looking.

Slide over: this option is similar to the split screen, but will slide over an application on top of another. The main application fills the screen and the secondary will be over in a display portion on the right side.

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