The next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, informally known as iOS 9, no incorporate new functions; however, does have improvements in overall stability of the software, according to a report from 9to5Mac.

iOS 9 follow the example of OS X Snow Leopard and OS X Mountain Lion, two operating systems for Mac arrangements brought in the performance and stability of the operating system, and leaving aside the introduction of new functions. According to the same report, iOS nine arrangements bring stability, since the introduction of more updates and features in the latest versions have hurt the performance of mobile devices from Apple, as engineers seem to have put more attention on adding features that fix existing bugs.

According to sources of publication, the benefits of iOS 9 come under the chassis and not above, so users can not see at a glance the news. However, they will notice changes in iOS 9 when notice that the device performance is more efficient to not make mistakes or bugs, which, for example do they close apps or Wi-Fi does not work optimally.

Besides the focus on optimizations wants Apple iOS 9 also address the size of updates. Users with devices that have a storage capacity of 8GB or 16GB should therefore usually remove apps or data if they want to install an update.


Apple releases since 2007, each year a new version of its mobile operating system. Recent years, Apple introduced the new iOS for iPhones and iPads for its developer conference WWDC, which invariably takes place in June.

Meanwhile, the company released the first version of iOS 8.3 was seeded to developers. That developers already 8.3 can run stands out, because Apple version 8.2 for consumers has not even released.

While iOS in September will bring several improvements, Apple engineers are also working on making the update is not large and the users of a device with 16GB storage not suffer when the update.

9to5Mac not obtain information which devices receive the update, but the site highlights the benefits that would bring Apple and developers that iOS nine out only for devices with 64-bit processors –the A7, A8 and A9.

iOS 9 will be presented during WWDC developer event in June and later released with a new iPhone, or so one might think with the latest releases of Apple’s mobile operating systems.

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