The next information is indubitably a lead to for get together at Google. For the primary time within the 2d quarter of 2012 , greater than a hundred million of Google Android smartphones had been bought. Google earned a share of lower than sixty eight.1% within the smartphone market.


The number of iPhone units sold increased on an annual basis also, Apple won its smartphones a share of 16.9%. The IDC therefore concludes that IOS and Android dominate the market and together 86% market share in their hands.


IDC Senior Researcher Ramon James says Android continues to fire on all cylinders. “By that he means that the OS is not only doing well with flagships from manufacturers like Samsung Galaxy S3, but that the low-end phones are selling well.

Android and iOS may then grow at the expense of Blackberry and Symbian. Windows Phone is also greater if it has not yet conquered the third place. I believe that eventually Microsoft will work to achieve third place but for now they must content themselves with spot 5 in Q2 2012.


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