iOS, Android or Windows Phone: where it is profitable to develop apps


AndroidAccording to research firm IDC, the operating system from Google continues to lead as the Russian (77%) , and in the world ( 79%) of the smartphone market. The reason – a large number of manufacturers – here and supercheap phones a few thousand, and powerful smartphones for several thousand dollars .

However, such a large coverage and generates the main shortcomings of development for Android. If you focus on a wide range of devices , it is necessary to take into account different performance , an infinite number of screen sizes and memory. As a consequence – increased costs for designing multiple interfaces and additional testing. Development cost in this case is increased proportionally to the number of supported devices .

In addition , owners of Android does not like to pay for the application. The reason partly lies in the ease of installation of the program hacked – often enough to find the file on one of the forums . On the other hand , buyers initially cheaper models do not focus on big spending in the app stores .

Sign in Google Play can any developer . You need to pay $ 25 by credit card , download the application screenshots , description and code . Google does not have such strict requirements for quality applications , like Apple. This reduces the risks and costs of completion . In addition, there are alternative app stores such as Amazon Apps, Samsung Apps, Opera Apps, SlideMe and Yandex.Store. Each has its own policy of moderation , but the presence in them gives a considerable influx of users.


By popularity iOS far behind Android. However, the main advantage of Apple is the consistency of its audience. With such a modest amount of the market (about 12 % ) for iOS devices accounted for half of all income from the sale of applications – $ 6.4 billion a year.


On average, a single download in the App Store developer gets $ 0.24. If we take into account the high cost of the cheapest model iPhone, buyers iOS- devices are a good target audience for the creators of applications. In addition, the Apple device is not so easy to hack . This is another reason for the high purchasing power of the platform .

The developers prefer platform Apple. This is partly due to the fact that the design must take into account only a few display formats . Perhaps also because the company was able to package development tools to better products than its competitors .

With the basic problems you might encounter when you publish your application. Account iOS- Apple developer costs $ 99 per year. For the money you get the possibility to download the application for subsequent moderation. With the harsh policies Apple may face any company . Austerity corporations to outside developers to write the main risks design . Better to be prepared for additional costs on completion.

Windows Phone

Leader in the number of downloads of all platforms is clearly a Google application store with a profit of $ 1.2 billion downloads per year. The number of downloads of Windows Phone Store several times less , while the income from them is $0.95 billion. It turns out that the average developer earns about $ 0.23 for one download from the Windows Phone Store ( Android- profit developer for one download its application is $0.04) .

Windows Phone

In the Windows Phone Store dignity can be written and weak competition inside the store . Most companies develop applications for Windows Phone is the third (right after iOS and Android), so often before it just does not reach. For example , Instagram for WP8 came out a few months ago and only in beta .

Another plus – the cost of development . It is comparable to a similar Android. In addition , programmers point and overall similarities in design . At the conference, Microsoft vice president David Treadwell said another good news – a new software development kit allows you to use one code developed for programs designed for both PCs and smartphones . This expands the potential market in the actual cost of maintaining the product creation .

Account to publish an application , as well as in Apple, will cost $99 per year. You are asked to fill in a long questionnaire and send a copy of the passport. But many say the speed and quality of support ( possibly due to the low number of appeals ) . It is worth considering the fact that Microsoft is actively promoting quality applications in your Windows Phone Store, and beyond.

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