A couple of days in the past you want to learn that iOS 6 scalability to 640 x 1163 resolution supposedly be on the new iPhone with a 4-inch screen display. This meant that the 640 x 1163 resolution scaling will be be adapted to give an extra row of apps, to be precise, we wil be able to see 5 rows of icons.


9to5mac website now has a number of applications open and look how they look under a resolution resolution. Now it looks at every app not as slick as this will be optimized for the new iPhone 5. Below you can see the images.



Furthermore, no official details are known. Whether this will be Apple’s final solution for apps with no adjustment to the new resolution is not known. The same applies to the integration of a higher resolution per se, although this is probably because of the rumors about the 4-inch display. But you can be assured that only when  the next Apple keynote and officially pr
esented the iPhone 5, you will be able to know.


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