iOS 9 camera

Notes in iOS 9 allow a possible look into the future iPhone. Do you give this belief, an upcoming iPhone could have a significantly better FaceTime camera. In addition to panoramic shots is also talk of a flash.

As usual, after the release of the new beta versions, the developers have done in the case of iOS 9 to look for possible clues for future iPhones. Hamza Sood published on Twitter one of his discoveries:

iOS 9 code hints 1080p, 240fps, flash coming to iPhone FaceTime cameras

How to recognize the image, iOS 9 includes instructions on the video recording of slow-motion video at 120 frames per second in 1080p or 240 pictures in 720p. Even smoother shots with 60 frames per second might be possible. The famous panorama mode could soon also be offered with the FaceTime camera.

What is surprising is the mention of a flash for the camera on the front of the iPhone. With the rising popularity of Apple Selfies could but that plan such a surprise for an upcoming iPhone.

In previous rumors usually was only talk of improvements for the iSight camera on the back of the iPhone.

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